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Application software

Sejona provides stand-alone application software designed to run on PC-platforms. At current we provide two software products:

  • DSProlog - our main stand-alone application
  • Audio Monitor - a monitoring add-on for DSProlog

This page is intended to be an internet resource center, serving the needs of all DSProlog users, as well as those interested in learning more about what DSProlog can do. Our public Help central is an excellent source of information about DSProlog, including tutorials, sample projects and reference information.


DSProlog is a high-level programming language that connects digital signal processing (DSP) with artificial intelligence (Prolog). DSProlog was originally designed to facilitate the development of classifiers for patterns in complex time-series data...(read more)

Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor is an add-on for DSProlog. It is a simple and easy to use audio recording and monitoring utility. With a proper set of audio signal classifiers, previously designed in DSProlog, it can be used to monitor acoustic processes and detect specific events almost in real time...(read more)