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Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor (AMon) is an add-on for DSProlog. It is a simple and easy to use audio recording and monitoring utility. With a proper set of audio signal classifiers, previously designed in DSProlog, it can be used to monitor acoustic processes and detect specific events almost in real time. Whenever such an acoustic event is detected, AMon immediately writes it into a database. Afterwards, events in the database can be analyzed automatically. Statistics may be computed over long time periods (up to several months). The only limit is the space on your hard disk drive.

Fields of application of Audio Monitor?

Possible fields of application for Audio Monitor are for example:

  • Industrial automation
  • Animal bioacoustics
  • Medical bioacoustics
  • Noise analysis
  • Phonetics and neuro-science

Typical problems that can be solved with Audio Monitor

  • Observation of acoustic processes for long time periods
  • Creation of standardized measurement series
  • Detection and recording of above threshold acoustic events
  • Similarity based detection and recording of specific acoustic events

Key features of Audio Monitor

  • Full access to DSProlog's pattern recognition functions
  • Scheduling of audio measurement series
  • Automatic file splitting and file naming
  • Simultaneous recording and annotation of audio files
  • Visual feedback and event-log
How can I get Audio Monitor?

Easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Download AMon from our download page
  2. Use AMon without installation
  3. Make use of our online-help and email-support

AMon perfectly works together with standard sound cards and audio editors.