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DSProlog Full

Registered users can download DSProlog Full here:

Audio Monitor Expansion pack for DSProlog (free)

Audio Monitor can be downloaded here:
(Requirements: DSProlog 2.0 or higher, Microsoft® DirectX® 9 and Microsoft® .NET 4.0)


DSProlog (DSProlog) and Audio Monitor (AMon) are provided by the manufacturer "as is" with no warranties, implied or express, including but not limited to an implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, or any warranty otherwise arising out of any proposal, specification or sample.

Free versions and lite versions of DSProlog and AMon may be downloaded, installed and used only for noncommercial purposes. Any other usage requires the written permission of the manufacturer of the software. DSProlog and AMon may may not be used in medical, nuclear, military and other safety-critical environments. DSProlog and AMon may not be redistributed.
DSProlog and AMon are copyrighted © by Dr. Sebastian Huebner, Sejona® R & D Germany