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Custom solutions

Sejona provides tailor made solutions and a number of expert services in acoustics and signal processing:

  • Software (signal recognition, sound recognition and signal analysis components)
  • Services (hardware setups, scientific studies, operation of monitoring systems)

Custom software solutions are designed individually for our clients. In many real world tasks such solutions are the best possible way to get problems solved. Custom solutions can accommodate your particular requirements and preferences. New components are designed for you by multistage processes. All nuances and hidden problems are taken into account from the very beginning.

Custom software

Sejona R&D is a reputable code supplier, but software development with us is not expensive. We develop complex signal processing and pattern recognition software quickly and to a very high standard...(read more)


Sejona offers a number of services in the field of acoustics and signal processing. In many projects, it turns out to be extremely difficult to deal with complex hardware, hairy signal analysis algorithms or unsolved scientific questions...(read more)