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Sejona offers a number of services in the field of acoustics and signal processing. In many projects, it turns out to be extremely difficult to deal with complex hardware, hairy signal analysis algorithms or unsolved scientific questions. In such cases we can help you to find the best way to get things done quickly. Below you find a list of typical services provided by us. If you have any questions concerning technical or scientific details of your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hardware setups

  • Planning of multichannel hard disk recording and audio monitoring systems
  • Setups of computers, soundcards, wiring, filters, amplifiers and microphones
  • Configuration, installation and operation of infrasound and ultrasound technology

Scientific studies in:

  • Bioacoustics and applied acoustics
  • Psychoacoustics and cognitive science
  • Speech processing and computational linguistics
  • Signal analysis in neuro-sciences

Audio monitoring services

  • Monitoring and automatic classification of machine sounds
  • Monitoring of noise in houses and public places
  • Detection and monitoring of insect activity in grain, trusses, floorboards, timber framing, trees and palm trees
  • Monitoring of bioacoustic activity of birds, dolphins, apes, insects and other animals and many more...
Analysis of superlarge sound file collections (online service!)
  • Analysis and classification of animal sounds
  • Analysis and classification of environmental sounds
  • Analysis and classification of machine sounds