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Custom software

Sejona R&D is a reputable code supplier, but custom software development with us is not expensive. We develop complex signal processing and pattern recognition software quickly and to a very high standard. Your software components will be individually designed and source code can be delivered in most common programming languages like C++, C#, VB, Delphi and others. Software development at Sejona involves general management, modeling, prototyping, engineering and research. Only after having passed a series of hard tests, new custom components are delivered to our clients.

Fields of application for custom software

Typical fields of application for our custom software components are:

  • Sound detectors (audio detectors)
  • Frequency detectors and threshold based detectors
  • Sonic detectors and ultrasonic detectors
  • Automatic sound analyzers, audio analyzers and spectrum analyzers
  • Electromagnetic signal detectors

Real world tasks

Our signal processing components can be customized for many real world tasks, such as:

  • Bioacoustic monitoring (automatic detection of animal sounds)
  • Sound surveillance (acoustic surveillance) in public areas
  • Noise control and noise mitigation
  • Monitoring of machine sounds
  • Ultrasound material testing and acoustic quality control
  • Leakage detection
  • Detection of glass breakage
  • Detection of irregular sounds in houses, hospitals or strong rooms (vaults)