The Annotations Database Interface

Annotations can be accessed in the annotations-database. The database interface has a database manager (left side) and a data-table manager (right side).

Button Action
+FL Add currently active FL-search record to database.
+SL Add currently active SL-search record to database.
Open the Windows-Explorer. You can create new subfolders, rename or move all .csv-files.
Delete the selected data-table or folder.
Unite a set of data-tables (wizard).

Button Action
Open the classifier that is linked to the selected annotation.
Apply filter.
Clear filter.
Activate Record. The current table will be the active search record.
Delete selected item.
Save changes to current table.
Rename and save current table.
Close the current table.

Note: You can browse the table with the arrow keys or by clicking fields in the grid. Annotations are shown automatically on selection in the table.