Manual Annotation of Audio-Files

Annotations of acoustic events can be created manually. To do so, follow these steps:

1. In the VIS-Editor, select the acoustic event with the mouse keys (left = left time, right = right time, ctrl+left = bottom frequency, ctrl+right = top frequency).

A dolphin whistle selected in the VIS-editor.

2. Press caps-lock. Then press a character-key (A-Z). An annotation is added to the current search record. In addition a FLC named 'Wavefile_Key_Time.flc' in generated in the folder 'FL-Classifiers/Manual/'. In the 'Key-FLC' table (project settings) you can associate character keys with strings, e.g. the character 'W' can be associated with the string 'Whistle'. All annotations added by pressing the 'W'-key will then generate FLC named 'Wavefile_Whistle_Time.flc'.

The 'Key-FLC' table in the project settings window. The character 'W' will be replaced by the string 'Whistle'.

3. Proceed in the same way with all acoustic events you want to annotate.

4. Annotations can be selected with the mouse ('Shift' + left mouse button). Selected annotations are highlighted. They can be deleted by pressing the 'Delete'-key.

5. After having annotated a wave-file, add the active serach record (it contains the annotations) to the database by clicking the '+FL' key in the database interface.

Four manually generated annotations of dolphin whistles (the leftmost is highlighted).