Visualization of Annotations

In order to visualize annotations they have be active in memory. This can be done in two ways: (1) By clicking the 'Activate Record'-button in the annotation-database; (2) By scanning the current visualization with selected classifiers (see Generating Annotations for details). Controls to change the graphical appearance of annotations in the VIS-Editor are located on the toolbar:

Control Function
Close all active search records with annotations
Highlight the structure of FLC-signatures (Projection mode must be checked)
Projection mode to map annotations graphically onto visualizations
Draw reticules

The first figure shows visualizations of four separate FL-Annotations in a sequence of dolphin sounds. The second figure shows a visualization of one single SL-Annotation in the same sequence. In the example all elements of the signature could properly be instantiated. (Non-instantiated symbolic elements of SL-Classifiers are displayed in dark-blue.)