The FLC-Editor

In the First-Level-Classifier-Editor (FLC-Editor) you can interactively model and test FL-Classifiers (FLC). For example, you can drag and drop the edges of the inner frame and of the search frame and you can erase pixels (data points) of a signature with the eraser tool (see Controls of the FLC-Editor). Basic notions are:

Signature: A FLC-signature is a set of a data points selected from an underlying visualization by a threshold-filter. Each signature has a positive (above a threshold), a negative (below a second threshold) and a neutral part (in between the two thresholds). Thresholds can be changed in a property-value editor (see Properties of FLC). Positive points refer to the selected acoustic event. Negative points refer to the noise floor surrounding the event. Therefore they appear only in the vicinity of positive points. In highlight-mode, the positive part is displayed in green, the negative in red and the neutral part in gray.

Interior frame (yellow): Area for automatic extraction of the signature from the underlying visualization. Size and location of the frame can be adjusted by drag and drop. Press the left mouse button and drag the edges or the whole frame (mouse cursor has to be inside the frame) to the desired location.

Search frame (orange): Extended area for automatic signature and sound file extraction from annotations. Size and location of the frame may also be adjusted by drag and drop. Note that only edges but not the entire search frame can be moved.

Correlation graphs: Correlation graphs relate the current FLC to the current Visualization in the VIS-Editor. Correlation graphs are displayed at the bottom of both the VIS-Editor and the FLC-Editor. The graphs reflect the behavior of the similarity function and its three parts: The green graph is the correlation (or distance) of the positive part of the signature, the red graph is the correlation (or distance) of the negative part of the signature and the blue graph is the combined correlation (or distance) of the entire signature. If the noise floor is not considered, only blue and green graphs are computed.

Layout of the FLC-Editor