Modify Project Settings

  1. Click the 'Project Settings' button in the main menu. The 'Project Settings' window shows up. Options are the paths for the main audio and the default export directory
  2. If you use PCM-Files without header (.dat-files), switch to the 'DAT-Files' index card. Modify sample-rate (samples per second), bit depth (bits-per-sample), the number of channels (currently only one channel supported) and offset (to first sample) in bytes. Sample-rate and encoding depth of Microsoft wave-files (.wav) are read automatically. They can't be changed here!
  3. The 'Manual Annotation' index card contains the Key-FLC table. For details see section "Manual annotation".
  4. Click the OK button. Changes are saved in the project file of the current project.


  1. Move a project by moving the entire project folder.
  2. Delete a project by deleting the entire project folder.
  3. Rename a project by renaming both project folder and project file.