The SLC-Editor

In the Second-Level-Classifier-Editor (SLC-Editor) you can interactively model Second-Level-Classifiers (SLC). SLC are based on classification decisions of FL-Classifiers but they search audio files directly (not sets of FL-Annotations). It is possible to to adjust several properties of SLC and to set up a resolution hierarchy for symbolic signatures (see Properties of Second-Level-Classifiers).

A Symbolic Signature (SLC-signature) is a time series of FLC-decisions (annotations). Each signature contains an ordered set of symbolic representations of FLC-decisions (= symbolic elements). Each symbolic element is linked with exactly one FLC. After manual initialization, signatures are empty and need to be filled with symbolic elements (see SLC-Wizards). Symbolic elements are visualized with the help of the associated FLC. Three different color-palettes are available for visualization: (1) a palette derived from the linked FLC, (2) a palette which indicates the level of each symbolic element in the resolution hierarchy and (3) a palette which indicates the compression rate of each symbolic element (applies only to merged signatures).

Select symbolic elements with the mouse in the treeview to create parent-child relationships between them: Left click selects an element as parent, right click selects an element as child. It is possible to select one parent and a number of children simultaneously. To accept the relationships click the 'Accept' button in the SLC-property editor (see Properties of Second-Level-Classifiers). The resolution-hierarchy is shown in the treeview of the property editor. Selected elements can be deleted by clicking the 'Delete'-button in the property editor.

Layout of the SLC-Editor