The SLC-Manager

A tree-view of all SLC-files (.slc) of the current project is displayed by the SLC-Manager. Classifiers can be opened by clicking or scrolling (press caps lock).

Button Action
Initialize a new SLC (derive from current visualization): A new empty SLC appears in the SLC-Editor. Afterwards the 'Interprete Current Visualization' wizard can be applied. Note that for each constituent of the selected complex acoustic event a FLC has to be selected in the wizard.
Open the Windows-Explorer in the SL-Classifiers folder. You can create new subfolders, rename or move SLC-files.
Save the current classifier.
Rename and save the current classifier.
Undo changes (revert to saved).
Delete the selected classifier or folder.
Close the current classifier.
Open a wizard to apply profiles to sets of SLC.
Save properties of the current classifier in a profile-file.
Open a profile file and apply it to the current classifier.