Controls of the SLC-Editor

Control Function
Apply to visualization: Apply settings (color-palette, time- and bandwidth-related parameters etc.) of the current SLC to the current visualization.
Goto root: Create the visualization which the current classifier was derived from.
Apply settings of the current visualization to the current SLC. Done automatically, if 'Apply Current Visualization to SLCs' is checked in the 'Options' window.
Normalize: Normalize (set to zero) the start time of the current SLC.
Scan Screen: Scan the current visualization with the current SLC. Result is a search record containing SL-Annotations. This record is active in memory unless it is deleted by clicking the 'Delete Current Search Records' button in the VIS-Editor. Active records may be saved in data tables (see The Annotations Database Interface). Items of active search records can be mapped graphically onto visualizations (see Visualization of Annotations).
Reticule: Show/hide reticules indicating the position of symbolic elements and of the entire symbolic signature.
Projection: Show/hide visualizations of symbolic elements.
Hierarchy: Color coded highlighting of the resolution hierarchy.
Compression: Color coded highlighting of the compression degree of symbolic elements.
FLC-Palette: Color palette of FL-Classifiers.