Second-Level-Classifier Wizards

DSProlog provides wizards to create and modify SL-Classifiers (SLC). All wizards can be started in the main menu.

Wizard Task
Interprete Current Visualization: Wizard to interprete the current visualization with the help of FLC. Requires: (1) An open visualization in the VIS-Editor, (2) an open SLC in the SLC-Editor and (3) a set of FLC that is able to respond properly to the features of the acoustic event displayed by the visualization. Interpretations are created from either the entire visualization or from the selection inside.
Clean Classifiers: Wizard to clean SLC from superfluous elements (= elements with low compression rate).
Merge Classifiers: Wizard to run the similarity based merge procedure on sets of SLC.
Extract Classifiers: Wizard to extract SLC from SL-Annotations.
Extract Merged Classifiers: Wizard to create merged SLC from SL-Annotations.
Run Sequencer: Wizard to interprete sets of FL-Annotations to generate SLC. Runs in two modes: Extraction of sequences or extraction of tuples. Requires specification of a neighbourhood-relation for elements in sequences or tuples.
Scan Current Visualization: Wizard to scan a visualization with the help of SLC.
Scan Wave-Files: Wizard to scan a set of wave-files with the help of SLC.