The Visualization-Editor

The Visualization-Editor (VIS-Editor) has three purposes:

  1. Modeling visual representations of acoustic phenomena
  2. Visualization of annotations in wave-files
  3. Sonification of acoustic events

Note that:

  1. Any area inside a visualization can be selected with the mouse buttons (left = left time, right = right time, ctrl+left = bottom frequency, ctrl+right = top frequency). The selection is indicated by red lines. To zoom into the selection press the "S"-key.
  2. Measurements referring to the current visualization are shown at the right side of the editor.
  3. Visualizations can be created automatically. Go to : "Main Menu > Audio > Create Visualizations from Wave-Files"
  4. Below the main visualization, additional graphs can be displayed: an oscillogram, an level diagram and coorelation-graphs.

VIS-Editor in spectrogram-mode (shows two dolphin whistles)